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Tennis Courts

Two regulation sized tennis courts sit adjacent to the clubhouse and pool area.

Ridings at Blue Spring
Tennis Court Rules

These rules exist for the purpose of maintaining our courts and providing an opportunity for all to use them. Each resident is asked to cooperate, and to assist in enforcing them.
Please be considerate of others so that the courts may be enjoyed by everyone entitled to use them.

1. The Association is represented by the Managing Agent. Any conflicts shall be addressed to the Managing Agent, who will bring the issue to the Board of Directors if it cannot be satisfactorily resolved.

2. The Managing Agent has the authority to use its discretion to enforce the rules to maintain a safe and healthy environment. The Managing Agent has the authority to ask anyone to leave the tennis courts for infractions of the rules or when safety is threatened.

3. Safety is of primary concern to the Association and its Members. All persons using the tennis courts do so at their own risk; agrees to hold Ridings at Blue Spring Homeowners Association and its Board of Directors harmless of injury and agrees to abide by the rules for use of the facilities. The Association assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for any loss or damage to personal property. Residents (Members and tenants) are responsible for the actions of their children and guests.

4. The tennis courts hours of operation are dawn to dusk. No person shall use the tennis courts unless the tennis courts are officially open. Unauthorized persons found inside the tennis courts enclosure when the tennis courts are closed may lose their privileges for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days and risk prosecution for trespassing or other related offenses.

5. Use of the tennis courts shall be limited to a one (1) hour time limit for singles play and a two (2) hour time limit for doubles play if there are persons waiting to use the court.

6. No more than four players per court are permitted on the tennis courts.

7. The teaching of tennis lessons is prohibited.

8. Smoking is prohibited on the courts.

9. Food is prohibited on the courts.

10. Glass and other breakable objects are prohibited on courts.

11. Intoxicants are prohibited on the courts. Intoxicated persons are prohibited on the courts at any time.

12. Courts are to be used for their intended purpose only. Play equipment including skates and skateboards, toys, play pens, wheeled vehicles including bicycles (except wheelchairs), scooters or motorized vehicles are prohibited on the courts.

13. Pets (except service animals) are prohibited on the tennis courts.

14. The use of radios, televisions or similar devices is permitted only when used with headphones.

15. All refuse must be placed in containers provided for this purpose. Residents are urged to assist in keeping the tennis courts clean and pleasant.

16. Use of the tennis courts must be conducted in a safe manner with due respect and consideration for others who are in the nearby areas. Tennis courts rules and courtesies apply at all times. The use of profane or obscene language is prohibited. Rough play or abusive conduct is prohibited.

17. Only shoes designed specifically for playing tennis are permitted on the tennis courts. Proper attire should be worn. Black soled shoes are prohibited on the tennis courts.

18. The Association is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal property used or left in the recreational amenities area.

19. The tennis courts may be closed at the discretion of the Board of Directors or the Managing Agent.

Revised April 2016